On-Demand Demo Big Data

Waterline Data On-Demand Product Demo

Curious how to speed up time to compliance? Find out how to leverage AI, machine learning, and patented fingerprinting technology to gain competitive advantage.

It is no secret that enterprises can benefit greatly from the insight locked in their data. With the unprecedented amount of information available, how can organizations quickly discover, tag, and organize that data to make more informed business decisions?

This 50-minute webinar focuses on the new product features in our latest product release including:

  • Data Rationalization Dashboard: Accelerate Data Rationalization
  • Data Objects: Joinability and joined asset provisioning – Extend Self-Service Analytics
  • Business Rules Engine: Tags based rules engine – Improve Data Quality
  • Data Lineage: Understand inferred and imported data – Increase Data Lineage Accuracy


Find out how to unlock the value of your data now to improve decision making, increase revenue, drive market share, and reduce costs.

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