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Make Big Data Work in the Cloud

Watch Matt Aslett from 451 Research and MakeBigDataWork.org in this 45 minute educational webinar on how to make big data work in the cloud.

As companies shift their Big Data to the cloud and hybrid environments, the need for Big Data analytics and a corresponding long-term analytics strategy has become increasingly critical. Here’s your opportunity to listen to experienced Big Data practitioners articulate their best practices in building successful, long term analytics architectures.


Matt Aslett from 451 Research discusses his advice to clients who need develop an effective Big Data analytics solution and articulate their Big Data ROI. This webinar will showcase a cloud-ready, Big Data reference architecture and discuss key criteria that should be carefully considered when building your Big Data solution.

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In this webinar, you will learn:
  • The advantages of Big Data cloud solutions with unlimited scalability, speed of deployment, simplified management, and cost reduction
  • How to build an architecture that helps insulate from changes to data and schema
  • The need to embrace self-service for business users be it for preparing or analyzing data
  • How to ensure governance and visibility across the ever growing data diversity