Webinar Data Catalog

Future Proof Your Data Catalog

Evaluating Enterprise Data Catalogs in the Evolving World

Watch this 45 minute webinar hosted by distributed data management and data catalog expert, Matt Aslett on the importance of enterprise data catalogs and how to future-proof your data-driven business for success in a rapidly evolving data landscape. Data catalogs are a critical component of a modern data architecture. Enterprise data catalogs allow you to create a unified inventory of data assets across your entire enterprise. Unlike single use or platform-embedded data catalogs which support limited data sources or use cases, enterprise catalogs integrate data from across the enterprise to support multiple use cases across data governance, compliance, self-service analytics, and data management.

At the same time, big data continues growing at an exponential rate and technologies are rapidly evolving. Your data sources, use-cases, and business systems are sure to change over time. You need an enterprise data catalog that can satisfy your needs today and accommodate additional complexities in the future while avoiding silos of metadata.

Watch and learn what distinguishes an enterprise data catalog from a single use catalog, and how to choose the best solution for your ongoing data management needs. You will also learn about: 
  • Advanced AI to automatically identify and tag data sets
  • Cataloging across data lakes, relational data stores & the cloud
  • Integrating in a complex data ecosystem with usage scenarios
  • Technology designed for big data & modern data architectures

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