Webinar Data Catalog

Get the Right Fit!

Webinar: Evaluating Data Catalog Tools

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Catalog

Featured speaker: Dave Wells
Research Director, Eckerson Group

Join data management guru Dave Wells for this educational webinar on the data catalog’s role, and how to get the best fit for your enterprise.

Managing data in the age of big data and self-service analytics is a complex job. Managing data without a data catalog is difficult and fraught with risk. Data cataloging is the new gold standard for metadata and an essential component of modern data management. Data catalogs support data curation and data stewardship with intelligent and automated tagging, profiling, and linking to business glossary. They help business analysts and data scientists to quickly find data and evaluate the fit for their specific use cases. Strategically, cataloging is at the core of data asset management with direct impact for data governance, regulatory compliance, and analytic quality and efficiency.

Join us to learn about key considerations to choose the right data catalog for your data management needs.

You will learn about the importance of:

• Automated and intelligent cataloging of data sets
• Integration into a complex data ecosystem with many usage scenarios
• Intuitive handling of big data complexities including columnar, nested, and partitioned data sets
• Cataloging across diverse data platforms and formats including on-premise, cloud, multi-cloud, graph, document store, relational, and more

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