Webinar Big Data

Expert Panel Discussion: How DataOps is Adding Value to Data Lakes

The terms big data and data lakes definitely have the potential to shake up the technology world, but many questions remain around how to leverage them for maximum business value.

This recorded webinar features Alex Gorelik, best-selling author of  “The Enterprise Data Lake, Delivering the Promise of Big Data and Data Science”, Joe Hellerstein from Trifacta and Girish Pancha from StreamSets who share DataOps best practices for building a successful data lake. Through experience with hundreds of Big Data practitioners, they share how companies can leverage DataOps to provide a foundation for insightful data science and self-service analytics and explore the components of a successful data lake and some of the little known reasons for failure.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How forward-looking companies are using various technologies to create greater business value
  • New trends in big data/data lakes
  • The evolving role of the DataOps team
  • Components of a successful data lake
  • Why some big data initiatives fail


Don’t miss your chance to become better informed about the role of DataOps in today’s, forward-thinking organizations.