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451 Research: The Role of the Data Catalog in Delivering Value from Enterprise Data

Webinar: The Role of the Data Catalog in Delivering Value from Enterprise Data

Featured speaker:
Matt Aslett
Research Director, 
Data Platforms & Analytics



Plus a brief demo of the Waterline Smart Data Catalog

Organizations use data to make decisions that drive their business. But so much data is distributed across enterprises that neither data or business professionals know where data is located, let alone which data is available or accurate enough to drive those decisions. And if you don’t know where data is or even what data you have, you can’t effectively use or properly manage it as a valuable asset, revenue generator or differentiator.

In this webinar, Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research, will discuss how data catalogs are playing a critical role in helping companies affect business outcomes by finding, organizing and inventorying data so it can be:

  • Used in analytics for decision making
  • Properly governed for compliance to regulations
  • Rationalized to reduce increasing data waste and redundancy

You will also get a preview and brief demo of the new Waterline Smart Data Catalog 4.0, to learn how Waterline uniquely addresses the issues and challenges that Matt will be discussing.

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