Data Governance

Are Your Governance Tools Ready for Big Data?

Data Governance for Big Data

Waterline data governance solutions help you protect sensitive data and get the right data into the hands of the right users in a secure, compliant manner.

Waterline leverages AI technology and big data compute platforms to govern and secure data at enterprise scale.

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Automate Discovery

Advanced AI and data fingerprinting automatically identify and tag sensitive data assets. Waterline immediately secures sensitive information as it flows into the enterprise. Data stewards can review auto-tagging, curate the data catalog, and control access with efficiency, reducing the cost and time spent on data governance.

Increase Security

Interoperability with existing data security solutions leverages advanced tag-based security offered by Apache Ranger and Apache Sentry. Waterline integrates tagged data with your security infrastructure, automating the application of compliance policies. Sensitive information can be secured immediately using your existing data privacy solutions for access control, masking, and encryption, ensuring only those with access rights can view and use protected data.

Ensure Compliance

A comprehensive and accurate catalog of enterprise data assets lets you respond quickly to evolving data regulations such as GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act. AI machine learning lets you automatically protect personal information and financial data that customers have entrusted to you. Waterline helps you lower the cost of regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of financial penalty.

Streamline Stewardship

Waterline’s big data governance framework streamlines processes at scale. Full traceability lets you audit usage and modification, exposing how all users tag, curate, comment, and search for data within the data catalog. Mapping compliance policies to data assets tracks acceptable use, legal holds, and expiry. And Waterline makes it easy to generate ongoing mandated compliance reports.

Manage Scale

Built natively on big data compute platforms, Waterline performs at petabyte scale. Waterline uses big data technologies such as Apache Spark and Apache Solr with Hadoop to catalog data across platforms, including AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Oracle, HANA and more. It’s the only enterprise-wide data governance solution, capable of managing petabytes of data across data lakes, relational datastores, and the cloud.

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