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Web Seminar

Cataloging Your Hadoop Data Lake

In this 30-minute educational webinar, you will learn the strategy, tactics and benefits behind the latest tools for cataloging an enterprise data lake. You'll see the Waterline product, and learn how to automatically discover, tag and organize your big data.
Topics: Data Catalog Education, Product Info
Analyst Research

Market Update: Data Lake Management

Bloor Research defines the category of data lake management solutions, and talks about recent market trends. They delve in to 9 key vendors in the space and offer valuable distinctions among their solutions.
Topics: Big Data, Data Catalog Education
Case Study, Video

Nordea Bank Case Study

The largest bank in the Nordics empowers business users with a holistic view of their data, and cuts reporting and analysis time from weeks to hours.
Topics: Big Data, Data Catalog Education, Regulatory Compliance, Self Service Analytics
Case Study, Video

CreditSafe Case Study

Learn how Creditsafe uses their data catalog to better manage their growing data asset portfolio. Hear how an accurate data catalog saves costs and helps them comply with GDPR.
Topics: Data Catalog Education, Regulatory Compliance, Self Service Analytics