Waterline's AI-Driven Data Catalog

Faster Tagging, Smarter Insights

The Only Automated Fingerprinting Data Catalog

You have thousands of growing datasets with millions of distinct data fields across your enterprise. Manually discovering and documenting the data isn’t an option. Waterline Smart Data Catalog automates discovering, classifying and managing your enterprise data estate – consisting of Big Data, data warehouses, cloud services, and databases across your enterprise. It leverages Waterline Data Fingerprinting, the industry’s only fingerprinting AI and machine learning system, along with best-in-class crowdsourcing to deliver a modern data catalog to fuel your critical data-driven business needs.



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Time reduction in searching for data and generating reports
Increase in overall data inventory and lineage accuracy
Reduction in people cost for manual tagging and inventorying data

Accelerate Time to Value

Waterline Smart Data Catalog cuts the time, cost, and risk for populating your data catalog to enable faster delivery of your data-driven business. It all starts with knowing your data estate.

Automated tagging and classification of data

Waterline Data Fingerprinting automates tagging and classification of your data reducing the time of manual efforts to populate your data catalog.

Deeper insights with advanced metadata analytics

Data Object “joins” eliminate the guesswork in how data can be combined before data prep, providing actionable insights with the ability to join different types of data.

Faster search for easy navigation

Business analysts can spend less time trying to find the data and more time doing actual analytics. Search results include crowd-sourced ratings and reviews for data.

Scalability for today’s enterprises

Waterline Smart Data Catalog is the only data catalog designed from the ground up directly using SPARK and Big Data infrastructures for today’s enterprise environments.

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Increase Catalog Coverage and Accuracy

The data catalog provides complete data coverage including Big Data, data warehouses, cloud services, and databases across the enterprise.

Comprehensive data coverage

Waterline Smart Data Catalog automatically populates the catalog with all of your data across the enterprise, not just your active transactional data like other data catalogs.

Reduces risk of catalog quality from manual processes

Automatic discovery and tagging reduce risk of manual processes for cataloging data. Minimize incorrectly tagged data with machine learning algorithms that take advantage of our decades of historical experience with real customer data.

Built in trust with data lineage

Data lineage lets users know the sources of data and also where it is ultimately consumed. It establishes user trust in the data and addresses requirements for compliance from regulatory laws. Waterline Data Fingerprinting can derive linage, which data stewards can accept or reject, or lineage can be easily imported directly from the source.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity

Waterline Smart Data Catalog uniquely combines at-scale automation with the human driven collaboration process.

Vigilance with modern crowdsourcing and machine learning

  • Tag Accuracy – As stewards curate the data, machine learning algorithms improve the automated discovery process.
  • Ratings– End users can add their own subjective ratings on a 1-star to 5-star scale to provide more insight into available data sets.
  • Reviews – Users can comment on aspects of the data that can’t be easily determined algorithmically, preserving and leveraging tribal knowledge.

Data rationalization with advanced metadata analytics

Declutter your data for better search queries from duplication data. Surface security risks and vulnerabilities from rogue files. Reduce licensing and storage investments by finding your duplication data leveraging Waterline Data automatic tagging.

Customized tags and facets

Custom tags will enable better categorization to create the correct taxonomy for your organization. Define your own facets by creating custom properties to tag data and then use those properties to later filter searches.

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Connect - Openly and Securely

Waterline Smart Data Catalog is an open and secure platform, that makes importing and exporting of metadata data very easy and secure.

Easy interoperability with rich REST APIs

Easily exchange metadata with BI tools, data prep tools, security tools, data governance tools, and single purpose, embedded catalogs. Import business glossary terms and definitions from existing data glossaries or CSV files easily into Waterline Smart Data Catalog leveraging a rich set of REST APIs.

Data privacy and security of sensitive data

Waterline Smart Data Catalog leverages native data source security and permissions to ensure only those permitted can access and use data.



Waterline Data Fingerprinting

Automate the Population of Your Data Catalog

Waterline Data Fingerprinting, our patented technology, works by analyzing the data values in each data set and profiling the data. Waterline Data then uses that information to create a “fingerprint” for each column of data—using artificial intelligence to automatically tag and match data fingerprints to glossary terms and populate the entire enterprise data catalog. Users can then refine matched terms, and remaining unmatched terms, through crowdsourcing.

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