GDPR Data Management Application

Discover, Govern and Report on Your GDPR Data

Time is Running Out!

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Organizations that fail to comply could be fined up to a maximum of €20,000,000 or 4 percent of annual global revenue, whichever is higher. 

The Challenge?

GDPR assumes that a company knows what data is has, who is using it, and how long it will be retained. However, most organizations don’t have this information documented, and gathering it across a distributed data estate without some level of automation is next to impossible.

The Solution

Waterline provides the only solution that directly addresses the challenges presented by GDPR with software that automatically discovers data subject to GDPR; generates reports on the status of your GDPR compliant and non-compliant data; and makes it easy to secure GDPR data.

GDPR Data Discovery & Reporting

Discover GDPR Data in Your Data Estate…Automatically

You have thousands of datasets with millions of distinct data fields across your company and that number is growing every day. Manually documenting and cataloging data subject to GDPR isn’t an option! Waterline Data’s GDPR application automatically catalogs all your GDPR data assets for you.

Report on GDPR Compliance

Simply reporting on your GDPR data is a huge first step to keep you ahead of regulatory demands. Waterline has standardized reports that provide documentation for regulatory or internal processes.

Architecture and Security Integration

The Waterline GDPR application makes it easy to secure GDPR data through integration with third party data privacy solutions.

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