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Sink or Swim in the Data Lake

Analyst Report on Information Catalogs

Organising the Data Lake – The Central Role of an Information Catalog

There’s a data deluge happening. The demand for data is increasing and the number of data sources is exploding. So how do you get a comprehensive view of our current data sources so you can bring order in this rapidly moving digital world?

This paper looks at this problem and discusses how information catalogs enable us to organise and rapidly discover new data, track what data and insights are being produced, and publish these as services so others can easily find and consume them.

The paper is authored by Mike Ferguson, an analyst and consultant specializing in business intelligence, analytics, data management, Big Data, and enterprise architecture.

In this in-depth report, you will learn best practices for:

  • Data profiling at scale
  • Discovery of data lineage and partitioned data sets
  • Schema generation on Hadoop data
  • Advanced scalable and fault tolerant search
  • The modern analytics ecosystem

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