Welcoming Our New CEO as Waterline Takes World by Storm


While it’s been a few weeks since we officially announced the news, I wanted to say a few words to welcome new Waterline Data CEO Kailash Ambwani.

2017 was a tremendously successful year for us. We saw the nascent catalog market that we pioneered back in 2014 emerge as one of the hottest segments in an already red hot data ecosystem. Meanwhile, our business grew six-fold from the year before as more of the world’s largest companies embraced Waterline’s critical role in helping them unlock and govern their mountains of trapped data. It soon became clear to me, our executive team and the board of directors that we needed to bring a world-class CEO to help us manage the hyper growth, and we found that leader in Kailash.

Why am I so confident that Kailash will help grow Waterline into a great, successful company? Because he’s done it before. Kailash comes to Waterline Data after having served Actiance as CEO for 14 years. While the company was already doing extremely well before he came aboard, Kailash created new opportunities for growth by converting the on-premises, perpetual license business serving a niche market into a subscription and SaaS powerhouse that could better serve the $4 billion archiving and eDiscovery markets. Actiance soon became the de facto provider of information governance, compliance, and archiving platforms serving just about every financial services organization you can think of. I’m talking the top 10 US banks, the top 5 Canadian banks, the top 10 European banks—you name it.

The next couple of years for Waterline Data will be electrifying ones as we continue to prove our mettle when it comes to market leadership, vision, innovation and customer success stories. Leveraging AI and big data technology to automate the cataloging of our customers’ vast data ecosystem is not only unique, it’s flat-out disruptive. We’re turning big data into productive data. No longer will global organizations have to sit on their mountains of valuable information, unable to gain clarity into what they have and what they can do with it. Now, with Waterline, they can focus on their data and actually put all that knowledge to work for cutting-edge, insight-driven innovation and business growth while maintaining the governance that’s so critical in this age of deepening data regulation. This isn’t just another happy start-up story. With data now free to do what it’s supposed to do, organizations in every sector will start using their newfound intelligence to impact their businesses, their industries and the world in astonishing ways.

It’s a great time for data. It’s a great time for innovation. And with Kailash leading our team, it will continue to be a great time for Waterline Data.