Waterline’s New AI-Driven Data Catalog 5.0 is First to Connect, Govern and Rationalize Data Across the Enterprise

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our latest version of the Waterline Data AI-driven Data Catalog (AIDC), a platform that continues to set the pace for innovation while helping global organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Fannie Mae and Nordea accelerate the analytics process.

Earlier this month, the annual NewVantage Partners survey found that of the 68% of organizations that haven’t succeeded in creating a data-driven organization, 95% point to their company’s culture as the biggest obstacle. Many experts say a big part of achieving this cultural shift is making sure there’s a central source of high quality data that the entire company has access to. This is a tall order. For one, you’ve got mountains of siloed data scattered across the organization. Most of this data hasn’t been classified, so it can’t be governed or be made searchable, much less put to use. Meanwhile, more data is pouring in by the minute.

Of course, for every challenge there’s an attempt to find a cure. Plenty of automated data catalogs have swooped in to check off the boxes for making data at least partly known, governed, trusted, and available. But competing in today’s data economy requires putting data to work with speed, depth and accuracy at scale, and when it comes to putting petabytes of high quality data—whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud—to work faster and in more complex ways for more agile decision making, nobody comes close to what Waterline Data helps customers accomplish.

With AIDC 5.0, Waterline Data adds to its industry-leading ability to catalog individual data items—automatically and at scale—by allowing organizations to discover and work with related data sets across the enterprise. This provides for far deeper and cleaner insights for analytics than any other catalog can provide. AIDC 5.0 helps organizations put more of their data to work faster with new features that include:

  • Data Objects: This is a big industry first that allows business analysts to join data sources to create a combined data asset by pulling data from different systems and formats. It cuts out the usual guesswork, dramatically reducing time to achieving more complex insights.
  • Data Rationalization Dashboard: This is an important feature that allows organizations to identify and manage redundant data for less cluttered searches, decreased storage costs of cloud migrations and reduced compliance risk.
  • Business Rules Engine: This helps data stewards create consistent data governance as well as data and metadata quality rules for all data regardless of platform, format or schema, resulting in automated compliance for faster access to self-service analytics. 

All of these features add to the power of our now patented Fingerprinting™ method, the AI-based, machine-learning technology that makes AIDC 5.0 at its core so unique. Combined with human oversight, the technology reduces manual tagging of data by over 80%, allowing organizations to derive value from highly trusted data in days instead of weeks or months.

For more, check out our announcement or new product page.

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