Waterline Data Announces Enterprise Data Catalog for Snowflake

The cloud, it seems, is finally coming of age. According to Forrester’s Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing report, it has become the foundation for digital transformation in the enterprise.

Well of course it has. At the end of the day, the physical implementation of a cluster requires too big of an investment in time, money, and people. Most organizations still don’t have the people with the right skills or experience required for on-prem—a problem cloud providers are solving by automating a lot of the key processes. The cloud offers less risk, less time to action, greater flexibility, and all at less cost.

As such, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud platform providers like Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, and requiring cloud-native support from their data providers. We at Waterline can certainly attest to a significant jump in the number of requests we have been receiving for cloud-based deployments vs. on-premises deployments over the last couple of years.

That’s because it is imperative for organizations moving to the cloud to have a data catalog with cloud-native support for full visibility and governance of all enterprise data wherever it may reside. And that’s why today we’re excited to announce that Waterline Data has expanded its support for AI-driven data cataloging in the cloud through a new integration with Snowflake. By empowering data professionals to easily find the data they need to analyze without IT support, Waterline Data paired with Snowflake allows them to focus more on gaining insights and deriving real value from their data.

The Snowflake integration expands Waterline Data’s support for data discovery in the cloud, adding to Waterline’s native support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Leveraging Waterline’s patented Fingerprinting™ technology, the Waterline Enterprise Data Catalog combines machine learning and AI with human collaboration to automatically catalog individual datasets at scale and with improved accuracy. With Waterline, organizations can work with related data sets across the enterprise for far deeper and cleaner insights for analytics than any other catalog can provide.

But the best way to understand the power of our platform is to see it in action. Schedule a personalized demo, and let us show you how it works!