TechNews: What CDOs and CAOs Want You to Know

Last week, InformationWeek checked in on how Chief Data Officers and Chief Analytics Officers are faring within the organizations that hired them to help put their big data to more effective use. While both CAOs and CDOs are in high demand, Gartner says many feel they are treated by their organizations like “second-class citizens”.

Gartner’s annual CDO survey shows these officers are struggling to define their roles especially in how they balance the strategic with the tactical–something we’ve written about on our own blog. Gartner concludes many organizations feel pressured to hire CAOs and CDOs but they don’t yet understand the “authority, budget and responsibility” they need to hand them in order to make a strategic difference.

Waterline’s take? Data-driven enterprise requires data-driven leaders who in turn require C-level leadership resources. The organizations that share this mindset will be the ones that define the new data economy.

Check out the InformationWeek article here.