big data smack down Big Data

Big Data Smack Down: Round 1 – Best of Breed Stacks vs. All-in-One Solutions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to the World Data Federation’s giant cage match! In the corner to your left we have the straggle-toothed veterans—Informatica, IBM, and Oracle—dragging their legacy architectures into the big data age with so called “end-to-end solutions” […]

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smart data catalog for faster big data use Waterline Data

Introducing Smart Data Catalog 4.0 for Faster Use of Big Data

Today we’re very excited to announce early access availability of Smart Data Catalog 4.0, the latest version of the industry’s most trusted data catalog available. A webinar with 451 Research on Smart Data Catalog 4.0’s latest features will be hosted on February 22. Click here […]

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cost and risk of redundant data Data Governance

The Real Cost and Risk of Redundant Data

How big of a problem is data redundancy? If you are like most companies, it is much bigger than any one thing. You see, data to business has become like fly to flypaper. Once the cost of storage began its steep descent in 2005, cloud […]

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chief data officer moves to board room Data Governance

2017 Prediction #3: The CDO Finally Moves into the BOARD ROOM

This particular prediction will be a little difficult to prove, but I will start off by stating that I am definitely not alone in my opinion about the rise of the CDO. Gartner recently wrote in its second CDO Survey (The State of the Office […]

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new waterline data catalog executive team members Waterline Data

Waterline Data Welcomes Kaycee Lai and Todd Goldman to Executive Team

I’d personally like to welcome Kaycee Lai and Todd Goldman to our executive team. Kaycee Lai, our new President and COO, is overseeing field operations, marketing, strategy and business development. Kaycee has a long history of transforming cutting-edge product innovations into business and sales success. […]

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big data too hard for organizations Big Data

2017 Prediction #1: Big Data will continue to be too damn hard

Do you know what DCE is or was? What about CORBA? These were distributed computing architectures designed to help create scalable applications. But most of you probably never heard of these technologies, because they never went anywhere. They more or less died on the vine. […]

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