data catalog in the cloud Cloud

Why more Data Catalog implementations are moving to the cloud

An increasing number of our customers are moving from on-premises to cloud-based solutions for their data analytics needs. When we started Waterline Data in 2013, we were focused on big data running in on-premises Hadoop clusters. Big data required big computer clusters and even in […]

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gdpr compliance struggle GDPR

75% of Organizations Say They Won’t Comply with GDPR in Time

  A couple of weeks ago, our CEO at Waterline Data sent me an article featuring some really interesting GDPR survey data from Varonis Systems. Since then, I’ve been dying to write about it, so here goes.   If you haven’t seen the research yourself, […]

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big data real time supply chain management Case Studies

From Real-Time Supply Chain Management to… “Realer Time”?

  Folks have been talking about real-time supply chain management for at least a decade now. And so, with Big Data only recently beginning to make a meaningful impact on how the flow of goods and services is managed, what are we talking about now? […]

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data catalog and metadata management Data Governance

Are You and Your Metadata No Longer Friends?

  “Metadata is our friend,” said Hitachi’s CTO at Meritalk’s Big Data Brainstorm late last year.   He was talking about how metadata can be used to create a tiered storage system to prevent data lakes from turning into data swamps. But he’s also right […]

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data catalog fingerprinting magic Waterline Data

Data Fingerprinting – The Magic is Finally Revealed

One of the most consistent questions we received about the Waterline Data Catalog is “what is data fingerprinting and how does it work?”  Data fingerprinting is the idea that a column of data has a signature, or a fingerprint, and that by examining the data […]

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Case Studies

Diginomica Covers Nordea’s Use of Waterline for Machine-Led Decision Making

A great article appeared in Diginomica this week about Nordea combining Waterline Data’s information cataloging with data wrangling to drive the Swedish bank’s machine-led decision making.   Nordea, the largest financial group in Northern Europe with over 10M personal customers and a half million corporate […]

Read More May 10th, 2017 | Todd Goldman
chief data officers should go on offense with big data Big Data

Three Ways CDOs Can Ratchet Up Their Offense

There’s a cliché in sports: Offense wins games, defense wins championships. When I talk to CDOs about their approach to Big Data, I hear that while the big revenue generating and cost saving opportunities continue to weigh heavily on their mind, they’re often too busy […]

Read More May 2nd, 2017 | Todd Goldman
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