Data Catalogs: “Don’t Know What You Got Until…”

Joni Mitchell, Janet Jackson and the ‘80s hair band Cinderella are just some of the musicians that will agree: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

In the case of organizations and data catalogs, it’s been a bit different. They can’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone, because they never had it in the first place. But the Eckerson Group’s Dave Wells has given them a chance to change all that. The analyst has written a white paper that contrasts the analysis processes with and without a data catalog to illustrate just how profound the impact of a catalog is on self-service data analysis.

Consider Organization #1. It has not implemented data cataloging capabilities. As a result, its business and data analysts lack the instant visibility they need into datasets, the contents of those datasets, and the quality and usefulness of each in order to generate sound intelligence. So, they spend 80 percent of their time looking for data, understanding that data, and recreating datasets that may already exist. Then, when they’re finally ready to analyze their data, they base their findings on inadequate and poorly understood datasets. The organization may call itself data-driven, but their data is driving them off the road.

Now let’s look at Organization #2. Business and data analysts are spending 20% of their time looking for data and preparing their data. The rest of their time is spent focusing on obtaining insights–insights that are based on data that’s high quality, governed and trusted. The Waterline data catalog in particular is based on our AI driven discovery and tagging engine called Aristotle, which makes it easy for organizations to discover, organize and surface trusted information across the entire distributed data estate. Whether your data resides in a data lake, the cloud, relational data stores, or a combination of those environments, we provide the right people with fast and easy access to the right data. With Waterline Data, they can:

  • Search for data using familiar business terms
  • Actively govern data for compliance and risk
  • Streamline data redundancy and reduce data carrying costs

You can download the white paper from the Eckerson Group to read more about the value of data cataloging. And then, be sure sure to check out a demo of our own data cataloging capabilities to see how Waterline Data goes the extra mile to ensure your organization “knows what it’s got”–data-wise.