Introducing Waterline’s Newest Enterprise Data Catalog for a Hyper-Regulated Era

Introducing Waterline’s Newest Enterprise Data Catalog for a Hyper-Regulated Era

According to the International Association of Privacy Professionals, only 55% of organizations believe they will be ready to comply with CCPA when it goes into effect this January.

Meanwhile, as many researchers have reported, about half of the impacted organizations are still struggling to comply with GDPR — $63 million in fines have been levied after one year.

The problem many of these organizations are now facing is a convergence of two related challenges:

  • Governing your data for compliance is hard
  • Governing your data for compliance is especially hard if you don’t even know where your data is located!

Since the very beginning, Waterline Data has been pushing the envelope in designing data cataloging solutions that help organizations respond faster to new regulations. GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the plethora of industry-specific regulations like HIPAA are only the beginning.

That’s why customers like AIG are already turning to the latest iteration of our market-leading AI-driven Data Catalog, which we announced today, for the new enhancements that help them stay well ahead of data governance measures as they relate to this emerging data legislation, allowing them to respond faster to new regulations as they arise around the world — and make no mistake, more is on the way.

So what does our new Enterprise Data Catalog deliver?

Comprehensive Automated Discovery and Governance of Regulated Data

With new regulations like GDPR, it is not just a few sensitive data elements that are regulated, but everything that the enterprise knows about the customer, so traditional approaches using stored procedures, reference tables or other pre-built classifiers do not work. Every enterprise is different and Aristotle, our machine learning and AI-driven engine, leverages patented fingerprinting technology to automate the discovery, classification, and governance of sensitive and regulated data within the enterprise.

Additionally, our new DataOps Dashboard serves as a regulatory hub within the catalog. This new dashboard enables users to understand the macro risk of their data estate and easily locate and view specific files that contain sensitive and regulated data, thereby helping expedite the identification, remediation, and documentation processes to meet GDPR and CCPA requirements.

Accelerated Digital Transformation with Cloud-Native Support

Our latest catalog also meets the needs of enterprises that are moving to cloud-native deployments. This helps them build and update applications faster while improving quality and reducing risk.

Only Waterline’s newest cloud-native Data Catalog is designed for the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise. It supports all aspects of cloud-first and cloud-native initiatives, starting with understanding and rationalizing on-premise data before moving it to the cloud. The Data Catalog then provides data location transparency and data source independence during the migrations, and an enterprise-wide hybrid, multi-cloud catalog thereafter.

In addition, it supports agent deployments for a mix of native agents running on multiple Spark clusters on premise and in different clouds, as well as container-based deployments for environments that do not support Spark. This flexible architecture not only allows enterprises to scale their deployments to catalog millions of data sets, it also enables organizations to comply with data residency laws that require all data to be processed locally within a specified jurisdiction. The agents do all their processing within the country and expose allowed metadata in the global catalog, so data is findable, lineage graphs are complete, and data and metadata quality can be monitored and managed enterprise wide using tag-based data and metadata quality rules.

To learn more about the Waterline Data 2019 release, watch a product demonstration or visit our product page for more on all of the exciting new features.