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Welcoming Our New CEO as Waterline Takes World by Storm
Friends: While it’s been a few weeks since we officially announced the news, I wanted to say a few words to welcome new Waterline Data…
Alex Gorelik July 25, 2018
Analyst Community Continues to Recognize Waterline’s Contributions to Big Data
As we’ve said before, what matters more than what technology providers say about themselves is what others say about them. This is especially true when…
Marjie Cannon May 2, 2018
More Industry Accolades for Waterline Data
You know what matters more than what technology providers say about themselves? What everybody else says about them! We at Waterline Data are continuously humbled…
Todd Goldman November 22, 2017
Machine Learning isn’t the Answer to Every Data Problem
“Machine Learning” is an extremely hot term these days.  People are talking about machine learning for almost everything.  It will make you more handsome, whiten your…
Todd Goldman November 14, 2017
Data Fingerprinting Part II: Automatically Inferring Data Lineage
In my earlier post, I wrote about how Waterline uses a combination of data profiling with machine learning to create a new process called data…
Todd Goldman September 26, 2017
And Now a Word from Our Summer Interns
Strong businesses depend on talent, smarts and grit from all quarters, and in many cases–ours, at least–some of the steam that pushes our engines comes…
Todd Goldman August 3, 2017
Data Fingerprinting – The Magic is Finally Revealed
One of the most consistent questions we received about the Waterline Data Catalog is “what is data fingerprinting and how does it work?”  Data fingerprinting…
Todd Goldman May 23, 2017
Introducing Smart Data Catalog 4.0 for Faster Use of Big Data
Today we’re very excited to announce early access availability of Smart Data Catalog 4.0, the latest version of the industry’s most trusted data catalog available.…
Todd Goldman February 15, 2017
Waterline Data Welcomes Kaycee Lai and Todd Goldman to Executive Team
I’d personally like to welcome Kaycee Lai and Todd Goldman to our executive team. Kaycee Lai, our new President and COO, is overseeing field operations,…
Todd Goldman January 26, 2017

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