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Self-Service Analytics is Not Enough. We Need Self-Service Data!
The idea of “self-service” analytics really took off when Tableau was founded in 2003 with the idea that business analysts shouldn’t have to go to…
Todd Goldman October 18, 2017
How did Creditsafe Cut Costs and Reduce Risk with an Enterprise Data Catalog?
Want to hear how one of the world’s biggest suppliers of credit reports uses an enterprise data catalog to their strategic advantage? Here’s a quick…
Todd Goldman August 1, 2017
How Faster Decision Making Becomes Smarter Decision Making
“Jeff Bezos does not like sitting still.” So wrote the Economist a couple of days ago after Amazon said it would acquire Whole Foods for…
Todd Goldman July 11, 2017
There will continue to be a natural conflict between big data and business self service
Two trends in big data have been tugging at each other particularly hard for the past several years and frankly, I find it amazing that…
Todd Goldman February 9, 2017

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