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75% of Organizations Say They Won’t Comply with GDPR in Time

  A couple of weeks ago, our CEO at Waterline Data sent me an article featuring some really interesting GDPR survey data from Varonis Systems. Since then, I’ve been dying to write about it, so here goes.   If you haven’t seen the research yourself, […]

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Diginomica Covers Nordea’s Use of Waterline for Machine-Led Decision Making

A great article appeared in Diginomica this week about Nordea combining Waterline Data’s information cataloging with data wrangling to drive the Swedish bank’s machine-led decision making.   Nordea, the largest financial group in Northern Europe with over 10M personal customers and a half million corporate […]

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Danger, Will Robinson! GDPR is Coming!

Or so the robot from Lost in Space might say. Though, as organizations begin working toward GDPR readiness, many may find themselves instead quoting Dr. Smith: “Oh the pain, the pain!”   Of course, when I say GDPR, I mean the new requirements set forth […]

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