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Tag Based Security – Another Key to Unlocking Self-Service Data
One of the key challenges in big data is data security. The relative lack of security in big data environments is a major issue that…
Todd Goldman November 1, 2017
How Nordea Achieved Compliance for Far-Flung Data
Our Waterline Data customers are doing some great things with our Smart Data Catalog solutions—“powerful” things according to one customer in particular. That would be Nordea, the…
Todd Goldman October 12, 2017
Latest data storage breakthrough. A reminder of the need to let go.
A few days ago, I read this article in Gizmodo about how the lab coats at Sony and IBM developed a new kind of tape…
Todd Goldman August 8, 2017
Are You and Your Metadata No Longer Friends?
  “Metadata is our friend,” said Hitachi’s CTO at Meritalk’s Big Data Brainstorm late last year. He was talking about how metadata can be used…
Todd Goldman May 23, 2017
Yada, Yada, Yada. Why Are We Still Just Talking about the Dangers of Dark Data?
Last week I came upon an article entitled, “Beware the Dangerous Databerg Lurking Beneath Your Business’ Surface.” Apparently awareness of all the ways dark data…
Todd Goldman March 21, 2017
The Real Cost and Risk of Redundant Data
How big of a problem is data redundancy? If you are like most companies, it is much bigger than any one thing. You see, data…
Todd Goldman February 2, 2017
2017 Prediction #3: The CDO Finally Moves into the BOARD ROOM
CDO or bust This particular prediction will be a little difficult to prove, but I will start off by stating that I am definitely not…
Todd Goldman January 31, 2017

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