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Data Catalogs: A Big Must-Have for Big Data
You can’t say data catalogs haven’t gotten their due credit. Demand for them has certainly soared as organizations move to get their data assets in…
Cynthia Crossland November 27, 2018
Waterline Data Launches on Microsoft Azure HDInsight at Ignite 2018
Today we have very exciting news from Microsoft Ignite! As Microsoft announced on their blog, the Waterline Data Catalog is now available on Microsoft Azure…
Scott Whitney September 24, 2018
Waterline Data Delivers AI Based Data Catalog to MapR
Read Alex Gorelik’s blog on integrating MapR and Waterline Data, here.
Mike Odenheimer September 12, 2018
Data Catalogs: “Don’t Know What You Got Until…”
Joni Mitchell, Janet Jackson and the ‘80s hair band Cinderella are just some of the musicians that will agree: you don’t know what you’ve got…
Scott Whitney September 6, 2018
What Should the Petabyte Enterprise Look for in a Data Catalog?
It’s been a good year for providers of data catalogs. According to research just published by ResearchAndMarkets, the global Data Catalog market accounted for $200M…
Cynthia Crossland July 3, 2018
Are You an Elmer Fudd Data Hunter?
“Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting data!” If you work with data, chances are you’ve uttered that embellished Elmer Fudd line at least once. And…
Todd Goldman October 25, 2017
Data Fingerprinting Part II: Automatically Inferring Data Lineage
In my earlier post, I wrote about how Waterline uses a combination of data profiling with machine learning to create a new process called data…
Todd Goldman September 26, 2017
Looking at Atlas and Navigator? Do You Need a Metadata Repository or Do You Really Need a Data Catalog?
I have been having a lot of conversations lately with organizations that are implementing “Big Data” and have seen many organizations consider using Atlas or…
Todd Goldman September 20, 2017
Why is a Data Catalog the Next Critical Big Data PLATFORM Component?
Most industry analysts talk about data catalogs as if they are just a simple database of metadata with a search user interface on them. The…
Todd Goldman August 21, 2017
Pulling Your Data Out of the Fog
Everyone’s heard of cloud computing. But for those of us from San Francisco, where we live much of our lives in low clouds, it’s fitting…
Alex Gorelik August 16, 2017
Data Fingerprinting – The Magic is Finally Revealed
One of the most consistent questions we received about the Waterline Data Catalog is “what is data fingerprinting and how does it work?”  Data fingerprinting…
Todd Goldman May 23, 2017
Search is NOT a Data Catalog
In talking with prospective customers, I am finding there is a lot of confusion about what makes a data catalog. Lately, we’ve seen some companies…
Todd Goldman April 19, 2017
How data management is like cleaning up after my teenage daughters
Do you (or your organization) waste too much time searching for data and not enough time actually using it? Me too. In fact, most Chief…
Todd Goldman April 4, 2017
Top 4 reasons you need a data catalog
I’ve been reading a lot lately on the thoughts of different industry analysts about the importance of data catalogs or information catalogs and why you…
Todd Goldman March 16, 2017

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