How Nordea Achieved Compliance for Far-Flung Data
Our Waterline Data customers are doing some great things with our Smart Data Catalog solutions—“powerful” things according to one customer in particular. That would be Nordea, the…
Todd Goldman October 12, 2017
How did Creditsafe Cut Costs and Reduce Risk with an Enterprise Data Catalog?
Want to hear how one of the world’s biggest suppliers of credit reports uses an enterprise data catalog to their strategic advantage? Here’s a quick…
Todd Goldman August 1, 2017
From Real-Time Supply Chain Management to… “Realer Time”?
  Folks have been talking about real-time supply chain management for at least a decade now. And so, with Big Data only recently beginning to…
Todd Goldman June 13, 2017
How a MAJOR ELECTRONICS manufacturer is overcoming the growing big data skills gap
Earlier this week, the US Department of Labor issued the results of its monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. It showed a growing gap…
Todd Goldman June 8, 2017
Going on Offense with your Data Catalog is the Difference Between Success and Failure
This week we had three new installations of the latest version of the Waterline Data Catalog.  Because this is a relatively new release with some…
Todd Goldman May 17, 2017
Diginomica Covers Nordea’s Use of Waterline for Machine-Led Decision Making
A great article appeared in Diginomica this week about Nordea combining Waterline Data’s information cataloging with data wrangling to drive the Swedish bank’s machine-led decision…
Todd Goldman May 10, 2017

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