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Can Big Data Solve the DoD’s Big Data Problem?

  Federal Computer Week recently ran a story on how the US Department of Defense is creating more supply chain related security vulnerabilities through the continued expansion of suppliers. But at an Intelligence and National Security Alliance event, government officials and providers suggested that Big […]

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chief data officers should go on offense with big data Big Data

Three Ways CDOs Can Ratchet Up Their Offense

There’s a cliché in sports: Offense wins games, defense wins championships. When I talk to CDOs about their approach to Big Data, I hear that while the big revenue generating and cost saving opportunities continue to weigh heavily on their mind, they’re often too busy […]

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Dark ages of big data Big Data

Are we currently living in the Dark Ages of big data?

 They called it the Dark Ages. The period following the decline of the Western Roman Empire.   Perhaps one day, data experts will look back on today and call this our dark ages. The Dark Ages of Big Data.   Perhaps they will marvel over […]

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Companies are struggling to make big data work.  In fact, most of the companies we work with at Waterline have come to use after their initial big data efforts have failed.  And why is that?  It is because in many cases the Hadoop vendors have […]

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