Big Data Todd Goldman March 6, 2017


Companies are struggling to make big data work.  In fact, most of the companies we work with at Waterline have come to use after their initial big data efforts have failed.  And why is that?  It is because in many cases the Hadoop vendors have over promised and under delivered.

Hadoop and Spark are incredible technologies.  But they don’t solve a complete end to end problem and too many people have been misinformed.  As a result, Waterline Data is teaming up with a number of other vendors, Streamsets, Trifacta, Arcadia, to be the initial sponsors of  or MBDW for short.

MBDW is a site that is dedicated to bringing together industry experts and practitioners to present information on how to actually make big data work.  So please join us for an initial series of 5 web seminars:

  1. Webinar 1: A CEO Panel led by Industry Analyst Mike Ferguson discussing the challenges in big data today
  2. Webinar 2: Big Data Ingestion
  3. Webinar 3: Big Data Cataloging
  4. Webinar 4: Big Data Wrangling
  5. Webinar 5: Big Data Business Intelligence

Each webinar will be led by Mike Ferguson who will give his point of view, then will have a combination of practitioners and technology experts who will discuss the challenges, and solutions they are seeing in the market.

Please join us for this exciting new website and webinar series at