Waterline Data Launches on Microsoft Azure HDInsight at Ignite 2018
Today we have very exciting news from Microsoft Ignite! As Microsoft announced on their blog, the Waterline Data Catalog is now available on Microsoft Azure…
Scott Whitney September 24, 2018
Waterline Data Delivers AI Based Data Catalog to MapR
Read Alex Gorelik’s blog on integrating MapR and Waterline Data, here.
Mike Odenheimer September 12, 2018
Data Catalogs: “Don’t Know What You Got Until…”
Joni Mitchell, Janet Jackson and the ‘80s hair band Cinderella are just some of the musicians that will agree: you don’t know what you’ve got…
Scott Whitney September 6, 2018
TechNews: What CDOs and CAOs Want You to Know
Last week, InformationWeek checked in on how Chief Data Officers and Chief Analytics Officers are faring within the organizations that hired them to help put…
Cynthia Crossland August 23, 2018
Even Non-Regulated Organizations Must Adopt GDPR Best Practices to Compete
“We’re moving from defense to offense. After years of focusing on regulatory and compliance reporting, we are pivoting to use our data assets for innovation.”…
Alex Gorelik August 15, 2018
What California’s New Privacy Law Means for Your Business
One month after GDPR went live, seemingly out of nowhere California passed its own consumer privacy act, which by 2020 will give California-based consumers similar…
Cynthia Crossland August 9, 2018
TechNews: The Chief Data Officer Role – Searching for Consensus
TechTarget recently covered a survey that shows how the role of the chief data officer (CDO) is being defined within organizations today. While most companies…
Cynthia Crossland August 7, 2018
TechNews: How Data Privacy Blunders Fueled the ‘Techlash’
In case you missed it: In today’s political climate and amid the growing scrutiny around how companies like Facebook and Twitter protect user data, populate…
Cynthia Crossland August 2, 2018
TechNews: Struggling with GDPR Compliance?
Today, we begin a new blog series called TechNews. Each week, we’ll post a business or tech article that we think our readers will find…
Cynthia Crossland July 26, 2018
Welcoming Our New CEO as Waterline Takes World by Storm
Friends: While it’s been a few weeks since we officially announced the news, I wanted to say a few words to welcome new Waterline Data…
Alex Gorelik July 25, 2018
What Should the Petabyte Enterprise Look for in a Data Catalog?
It’s been a good year for providers of data catalogs. According to research just published by ResearchAndMarkets, the global Data Catalog market accounted for $200M…
Cynthia Crossland July 3, 2018
As Retail Heats Up, How is the Industry Leveraging Its Data?
The U.S. Commerce Department just announced some good news for retail: 0.8% sales growth over April’s figures—the most growth the industry has seen in six…
Cynthia Crossland June 27, 2018
New Flurry of Analyst Reports on Waterline for GDPR
Andy Warhol apparently once said, “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” At Waterline, we prefer to…
Marjie Cannon June 8, 2018
On GDPR Eve, the DPO Officially Enters the Spotlight
They’re the “hottest tech ticket in town,” according to Reuters. With GDPR now looming large on the horizon—after two years of scrambling (and yes, some…
Alex Gorelik May 18, 2018

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