Big Data Todd Goldman January 3, 2017

2017 Big Data Predictions

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post at Waterline data.

First, just a little bit about myself: I recently joined Waterline Data after 30 years in tech—both enterprise (e.g. HP) and consumer (e.g. AOL/Netscape). In 2005, I dove into the world of data, serving as VP of marketing and GM for companies like data integration leader Informatica and data discovery software provider Exeros (later acquired by IBM).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this is the first in a series of eight blog posts covering my predictions for 2017. I’m sure you’re all starting to find these end-of-year predictions a little tiresome, but it’s the honest truth that I’m being held in a small room where they make fortune cookies, and until I complete my prediction posts, they won’t let me out of here. So keep a look out for my next batch of blog posts and help me get out of here, will you? I will give you some quick, one-line predictions this week, and in subsequent weeks, I will give you more of my thoughts on each topic.

So rather than keep you all waiting, as I can already sense the impatience billowing among my readership, here goes! Drum roll please…

Todd’s 2017 Predictions

  1. Big Data will continue to be too damn hard for most organizations. (No one wants to admit that it isn’t working for them.)
  2. Hadoop wasn’t the panacea that everyone thought. (The reality is that Hadoop, cloud and relational environments will come together to form Enterprise Data Lakes.)
  3. The Chief Data Officer role will continue to grow in importance. (It will be critical in moving Big Data from the drawing board to the board of directors.)
  4. There will continue to be a natural conflict between Big Data and business self-service.
  5. There will be a shake-out in the vendors that are trying to service the “simplification” layer ( e.g. Platfora ).
  6. Competition will heat up between Big Data’s best of breed stacks and all-in-one solutions.
  7. Growth of Big Data in the cloud will outstrip growth of Big Data on premise.

And there you have it. Oh my gosh—that was so thrilling I can hardly stand it. I hope the rest of you aren’t also drowning in sweat like I am!  I hope you’ll continue to read. Then I can continue to write, and my fortune cookie captors can soon let me go.