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Opinion: How data catalogs support offensive and defensive intelligence

Organizations are increasingly likely to include data as part of their day-to-day strategy in order to derive business intelligence, but the value of that data is typically limited. Most organizations simply don’t have a good understanding of the underlying data they collect and store, and more time is spent searching for data rather than actually analyzing it...

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Nordea banks on move to machine-led decision making

Read how Nordea uses Waterline Data Catalog and Trifacta Data Wrangling for big data success. Swedish bank Nordea is a company with a particularly convoluted history. It was formed from the merger of four mid-sized banks, themselves building on a history of more than 300 companies. And to add to the complexity, these banks were located in the four Nordic countries, based around different legal backgrounds.

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Waterline Data Named to CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 List

CRN® names Waterline Data to its 2017 Big Data 100 list. This annual list recognizes the ingenuity of tech suppliers bringing to market innovative offerings for harnessing the increasingly huge amounts of data generated in today’s digital world, raising the bar for data management and challenging established IT practices.

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Industry Insider: The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch

Working on the aspect of “connect the right people to the right data,” Waterline is dedicated to automating the discovery and intervening of data so that organizations can spend more time using data, and less time searching for it and better comply with data regulatory requirements thus reducing the costs associated with data redundancy and data hoarding.

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