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Data Catalogs Scale in the Cloud

Waterline initially addressed data cataloging using “tags” to track the lineage of every piece of data. The latest version to be released Nov. 13 (version 4.03) incorporates machine learning along with scaling and native platform support.

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A Data Catalog Makes Quick Work of GDPR Compliance

Businesses and organizations around the world are scrambling to insure their operations will be compliant with the sweeping changes that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will usher in next May. Among the businesses most critically impacted by GDPR are credit reporting firms, which collect and disseminate enormous volumes of personal data on millions of individuals and businesses.

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GDPR Is Eight Months Away, but Most Organizations Still Unprepared

Like it or not, most businesses in the United States will have to follow GDPR. That includes small shops with an online store and with customers based in the EU. But new studies show that when May 25, 2018, comes around, a lot of companies, large and small, are going to be unprepared.

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