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EU GDPR:  Data Catalogs and Data Privacy

September 21, 2017.   Paris, France

Join us to hear a Waterline Data customer, Alasdair Anderson, Head of Platforms, Nordea,  discuss how this G-SIB bank is leveraging data governance and privacy investments to also accelerate business intelligence. Additionally, the founding teams of Privitar, a leading privacy engineering software company, and Waterline Data, a leading data discovery, cataloguing and governance software company, will discuss how disruptive technology solutions can enable the safe use of sensitive or confidential data to protect your business as well as act as a competitive differentiator.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know via the contact us form and we will get back to you.

Chief Analytics Officer, Fall

October 2-5, 2017.   Boston, MA

Please join Waterline at the second edition of Corinium’s Chief Analytics Officer Fall conference which will explore why now is the time, more than ever, you as an analytics leader need to prove the return on investment in analytics for your organization.

This conference is not just for Chief Analytics Officers. It may be led by CAOs, but all top level Analytics, Data, Data Science and Business Intelligence specialists are welcome, allowing you to meet and network with the very best of your peers from a range of organizations and backgrounds.

Data Governance in the Time of Big Data Architectures

October 10,  2017.   Webinar with Sanjeev Mohan, Research Director, Gartner.

Data governance has been indispensable for data management initiatives, including those involving big data. In addition, new regulations such as GDPR are forcing deeper introspection into how data is managed, secured and audited — from ingestion to purge. This webinar showcases a big data reference architecture and then applies components of the data governance framework to it.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• What the unified data governance reference architecture looks like
• How the big data governance framework is applied
• Which data governance vendors are providing key solutions

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451 Research Web Seminar: The Role of the Data Catalog in Delivering Value from Enterprise Data

Recording Available Now

In this web seminar  (REGISTER HERE), Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research will discuss how data catalogs are playing a critical role in helping companies affect business outcomes by finding, organizing and inventorying data so it can be used in analytics for decision making, properly governed for regulatory compliance, or rationalized to reduce increasing data waste and redundancy.

You will also get a preview and demo of Waterline Data’s release of the Waterline Smart Data Catalog 4.0, to learn how Waterline is uniquely addressing the issues and challenges that Matt will be discussing.

Webinar: The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and Waterline Data

Recording Available Now

Good enterprise data can drive positive business outcomes. But if that data isn’t organized and accessible, information workers are left with an incomplete picture. Knowing the location, lineage and permissions of data across the enterprise can lead to more accurate and insightful searches, and ultimately, knowledge discovery.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he discusses how the success of big data projects relies on understanding your data. He’ll be briefed by Todd Goldman and Andrew Ahn of Waterline Data, who will explain how their solution can facilitate discovery via automation and crowd sourcing. They’ll demonstrate how combining the value of tribal knowledge with rationalized data can enable self-service analytics, improve data governance, and reduce data redundancy.

Webinar: Using a Data Catalog to Lift Your Data Out of the Fog. 

Recording Available Now.

Most enterprise data is obscured. And just like finding something in a fog, you can only see it when you are near it or when it is so fresh that you remember exactly where it is. Whether your organization needs to perform big data analytics, comply with new data oriented regulations, or become more cost efficient by reducing the amount of redundant data in your organization, you need to know what data you have and where it is located.   Join us for this educational session as we discuss how companies can lift the data fog and keep it lifted so business users can more readily find critical data and convert it into actionable business intelligence on an ongoing basis.


Webinar: Complying with GDPR when you’ve got Big Data

Recording Available Now

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect for much of Europe on May 25, 2018, and the downside for non-compliance is huge. Keeping data in a state for GDPR compliance is much harder than it sounds — especially when you’ve got the volume, velocity and variety of big data. Many organizations have a handle on their most critical operational systems, but lack a comprehensive catalog of all their data, including development, test, production, data warehouse, and backup systems.

Join this MakeBigDatawork.org webinar to learn more about specific tactics you can deploy to prepare for GDPR.