Surface The Data That Matters

Drive real business value from your data estate with our AI-Driven data catalog

Faster Tagging. Smarter Insights.

Waterline’s data catalog speeds time to insights leveraging machine learning, fingerprinting and open APIs

Discover ALL of your Data Throughout the Enterprise

Get insight into all of your data assets, including sensitive data and other “dark” data for greater visibility, quality, and control. LEARN MORE

Comply with Data Regulations

Our Advanced AI and patented ™ data fingerprinting automatically identifies sensitive information to get the right data into the hands of the right users.      LEARN MORE

Get Accurate Insights in a Fraction of the Time

An intuitive web interface designed for business users to search using business terms means less time spent finding data and more time analyzing it

The Ultimate Guide to Data Catalogs
Author Dave Wells describes the value of data catalogs in today’s challenging data management landscape.

The Waterline Data Advantage

Immediate Data Discovery

Advanced AI and patented™ data fingerprinting automatically populates your data catalog, reducing the time of manual effort to tag data producing faster results and significant cost savings.

Protect Sensitive Data in your Data Lake

Gain control and visibility over sensitive data, reducing time to compliance.
Respond quickly to regulatory requests like GDPR and reduce risk of penalties.

To learn more about Waterline’s sensitive data management, click here.

Increase Flexibility with Cloud-Native Integration

Run your data catalog anywhere – including public or private cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure

To learn more about Waterline’s AI-driven Data Catalog, click here.

Why Waterline Data

Improve Productivity

Reduction in people cost for manual tagging and inventoring data

Increase Efficiency

Reduction in time to get data out of “governance quarantine” and into use

Increase Accuracy

Increase in data inventory and lineage accuracy

Ready to Unlock the Value in your Data?