You use data to make decisions that drive your business.

The challenge?

There is so much data distributed across your organization that you don’t even know where to start looking.

Waterline’s automated data fingerprinting discovers, organizes, and surfaces the high-quality information scattered across your organization. By creating a centralized data catalog that connects the right people to the right data, we make information easy to find and use.

Some of Our Customers

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What our customers are saying

“Waterline Data is accelerating our ability to deliver credit rating services into new markets by automating the processing and cataloging of new data coming into our environment.”  Angus Gow, Chief Technology and Content Officer, Creditsafe

“A governed yet agile data catalog is key to open up the data lake to business people…” Paolo Arvati, Big Data Architect at CSI-Piemonte

“Understanding where your data came from and what it means in context is vital to making a data initiative successful and not just another data quagmire. The catalog plays a critical component in this.” Global Head of Data Governance, Risk, and Standards
International Multi-line Insurance

“We had several barriers to our adoption of Hadoop. How do we let business users know what’s in it? One of the tools that was huge for our adoption of Hadoop was Waterline…” Enterprise Architect
American health insurance company with over 13 million customers


  • Do you waste too much time looking for trusted data you need to do your job?
  • Do you have to ask data professionals in IT every time you need access to new sources of data


  • Waterline Data makes it easy to quickly search for and find the high-quality data you need to do your job.
  • Allows you to share your “tribal knowledge” and collaborate about which data is best to use when you have lots of duplicate or repetitive data widely distributed across your organization


  • Do you spend too much time manually finding and tagging data for use by business colleagues?
  • Are you tired of having to prep and secure data to ensure proper governance?


  • Automates the time you used to spend manually discovering, tagging, cataloging and curating data so you can get new data to business users more quickly and enable true business self-service.
  • Simplifies data governance with an automated and repeatable process for cataloging your sensitive data

What the Industry has to Say

“Waterline Data fills a critical gap in big data exploratory analytics by automating the tagging and cataloging of data”
“Waterline has tapped into an important and underserved opportunity”
“…arguably the most comprehensive big data governance and discovery platform today”
“Waterline jumpstarts the process so data engineers and scientists rarely encounter a partially curated pool of data”
“Waterline automates some of the work of finding data … which then opens the data to a wider variety of people—people who are not data scientists or who don’t know how to code”
“…automatically identify, profile, and metatag files in HDFS and make them available for analysis and exploration by business analysts.”

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